Better Health For Better Sex!

Got your Attention? I don’t want to disappoint you, but this article is about how to have better health so you can have better sex. No sales pitches for little colored pills, “performance enhancing” drugs or supplements, exercise programs, aromas to set the mood, etc. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and getting all the nutrients you need positions you to have what it takes for better sex.

What Affects Our Health?

There are a number of factors that affect our health. What we eat, how we sleep, how much exercise we get, how we work, what medications we take, our genetic makeup – all contribute to our overall health. We can try to eat right (as defined by whom?) but it is extremely unlikely that we will get all we need for optimum health. Busy schedules, kids, work, activities all manage to sidetrack a consistent nutrition program. Many of us compensate by taking multi-vitamins, and some of us even do some research and create our own supplemental nutrition program, spending who knows how much at the vitamin stores.

The Multi-Vitamin Myth

Multi-vitamin companies tell us that a modified “one size fits all” strategy is what we need. There are multi’s for men, women, seniors, active lifestyles – all sorts of general groups. Is everyone in those groups the same – do they eat the same foods, participate in the same activities, take the same medications? Not likely.

Drug/Nutrient Interactions

Drug and supplement interactions are something to pay particular attention to. Thousands of studies have been undertaken to analyze what these interactions are, and how they affect us. They can be positive, negative or neutral. Understanding them all could be a lifetime undertaking. If you are taking any type of medication and are not careful in your selection of supplements, you run the risk of adversely affecting your health.

Are Any Of Us The Same?

It has been proven that our genetic makeup affects what nutrients we need, and how nutrients are used by our bodies. Ever heard of an exact DNA match? Everyone is different, and their bodies have different requirements. So why shouldn’t we have an individually designed nutrient supplement program?

If we take the time to study up a bit, and go to the vitamin store, we are faced with an overwhelming array of vitamins and supplements to choose from. Store staff will steer you towards particular brands they have some familiarity with, and might even know a little about drug/nutrient interactions, but they are typically not a wealth of knowledge. You most likely will spend more money than you need to, and not get the optimum supplement combination for you.

If you are dedicated to being healthier, desire to have the energy for all your activities, and yes, have better sex, a customized nutrient/supplement program is what you need. It should take into account your gender, age, physiology, eating habits, sleep patterns, allergies, family medical history, medications, and your specific health goals. If it doesn’t, it’s not complete.